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            Standard Room x Day Rate (Avvio Managed Pricing)

            This article is designed to instruct on how to set up a Standard Avvio Room*Day Rate with Linear Pricing
            It is the most basic way to set a rate in Avvio, and is managed within Avvio.

            If you want to setup a standard Room x Day Rate with pricing managed by an external PMS or Channel Manager, click

            For more detailed information on the info needed in each section of each tab see the Rate Editor Overview articles in this section. 

            1. Enter the Avvio Booking Engine Service

            2. Click on Browse Rates, then Create Rate

            Follow the Below guidelines. 

            General Tab

            • Rate code must be filled in
            • Order Index must be filled in
            • Status must be Active (default - Active)
            • Currency must be correct (will always default to Hotel currency on setup)
            • The Macro Type is set to [Room/Day] Prices and the Price Type is set to Linear - important
            • Title must be filled in
            • Description must be filled in
            • Terms and conditions are optional but highly recommended
            • All other fields are optional 

            Advanced Tab
            • Public Availability (MDA) Page needs to be checked if you want your rate to be public (ie seen in searches on the Booking Engine)
            • Mobile should be checked if you want the rate available to mobile users also. Note: This is different to the Mobile Only checkbox which as it says will make the rate available on mobile only
            • All other fields are optional

            Restrictions Tab
            • Min LOS must be filled in (default 1)
            • Min Leadin must be filled in (default 0)
            • Checkin Days must be checked (default all)
            • All other fields are optional

            Rooms Tab

            • At least one room must be added to the Rate

            Finance Tab
            • Tax Policy must be selected (default all taxes included)
            • Infant Pricing must be selected (default Use Hotel infant price)
            • Deposit Mode must be selected (default Take NO money/deposit)
            • Cancellation Cut Off must be selected (default Use Hotel Cancellation Cut Off)
            • Any other fields that may be applied on your Booking Engine are optional)

            Channels Tab

            • At Least one Channel must be checked (default Website)

            Upsells Tab

            • All upsells are optional on an opt-in or opt-out basis

            Tags Tab

            • The tags tab is used for Smart Rate Matching to tag pages in your website that will link to specific rates on the Booking Engine if applicable. For more info on SMR click here

            Images Tab

            • You must add an image to your rate. 

            Save Changes

            Rate Periods Editor

            Once you Save Changes your Rate is created. You will then be directed to the Rate Periods Editor screen. 
            Rate Periods are the dates you set up that you want your Rate to be available between. 

            • You must add at least one Rate Period to the Rate
            • You can have multiple Rate Periods set for the same rate
            • It must have a valid Start Date
            • It must have a valid End Date
            • It must have a Name

            Rate Pricing
            • Pricing for Room/Day Linear rates are always managed on Avvio by the Hotel
            • You must have a Per Adult or Per Room price for each room on the rate
            • You must enter pricing for any Child Bands that may be set up (enter 0 if no extra pricing is needed)

            Updated: 17 Apr 2019 07:57 PM
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