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            How to create a personalised report template on Insights

            If you will be running the same report each month with the same data and criteria you can set up a template so you don't need to fill in the information each time you want to run the report.

            To set up a Template follow the below steps:

            1. Log in to Avvio and go into the Insights Service

            2. Under Insights select "Build a Report"

            3. Then you select all the information you want on the report, when all the criteria is added you will see the option to save the template.

            On Insights you can add a mix of any of the above widgets to one report/template. Each widget carries its own set of categories and data columns. 


            Widgets explained:


            • Room Reservation report where you can analyse bookings made.

            • Key Trend report allows you to analyse the performance of your Avvio online channel(s).

            • Voucher reports you can see your voucher sales and categorise them based on different criteria. 

            • Google PPC report allows you to see your Google AdWords statistics if applicable.

            • Google Traffic report allows you to analyse your Google Analytics stats if applicable. 

            • Commentary where you can add your own information/comments to the report. 


            You must select a folder to save the template in, all users who have access to this folder will be able to see/run the template at any stage. If you wish to have access restricted for specific template contact and they will be able to restrict access for you.

            You will need to add a Template Title and Description.

            Once you have saved the template you will be able to view all templates that are currently available for the property in the "My Templates" option under Insights.


            You will be able to run the template again at any time by clicking on [Run Report] 

            Once you have run the template you will be able to choose if you want to see it in HTML or CSV

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