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            How do I remove restrictions on Restriction Management screen?

            Note: If your Avvio Booking Engine is integrated with a PMS / Channel Manager, you should update the restriction for a particular day or room rate via that system (if supported).

            Otherwise you can do it manually via the below option on the Avvio booking engine itself.

            To remove restrictions from dates in the Restriction Management follow the below steps :

            1. Go into the Booking Engine Service

            2. Under Daily Inventory click "Restriction Management"

            3. If you are not sure what restriction is added on a specific date you can preview the date and you will be shown what restrictions are in place and what level they are placed on. Select the Preview option and click on the date.

            When you have selected the date if there is a restriction applied it will show, you will then see the preview restrictions split into sections.House Restrictions,Room Restrictions,RoomxRate Restrictions. From the below image you can see there is a 4 night Min LOS oa applied at house level and a Closed for stay on the Rate BARBB1

            4. Before you remove the restriction it will appear on the calendar like the below image.

            Select the Restriction you wish to remove and the option you wish to remove it from.

            In the below image you can see how to remove the Min LOS oa. If you wish to remove this restriction completely leave the box on the restriction blank(as shown below) if you wish to lessen or lengthen the restriction enter the number in the box, and select the level you wish to remove the restriction from in the below image it is being removed from House Restrictions, select the date you wish to remove the restriction from. Once you have removed the restriction you will need to Save Changes before the restriction is lifted.

            As there was 2 separate restrictions applied to this date you have to remove them both separately. The below restriction is a closed for stay applied at Rate Level. To remove this restriction you first select the restriction you wish to remove then select Rate Restrictions and the rate it is applied to and then select the date it is on. Once you have removed the restriction you will need to Save Changes before the restriction is lifted. If you have a restriction that is applied at room level you go through the same process as Rate level except select the Room Restrictions and Room type instead of Rate Restrictions and the rate.

            The restriction is now removed from that date

            Updated: 03 May 2019 06:33 PM
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