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            How do I make my existing rate available to my PMS or Channel Manager

            1. Go into the Booking Engine Service

            2. Under Rate Management click Browse Rates. 

            3. Check that your internal and external codes are the same

            3. Beside your rate there should be a gear icon (if this isn't showing click here to see why). Click on the gear icon, and you will see a box pop up. If you have any pricing set up on the rate you will see a warning that pricing on this rate will be deleted when you proceed further. This is irreversible, so if you need to take note of the pricing be sure to do so before finishing this step.

            Click the "Convert to Externally Managed Rate" button when you ready to set pricing for this rate to be controlled by an external system.

            Updated: 30 Apr 2019 07:51 PM
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