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            How do I create a Dynamic Package / Upsell item?

            Dynamic Packaging allows you to create extra add on's that the customer can choose to add to their reservation at the time of booking. 

            Some examples of Dynamic Packages would be Breakfast on a Room only rate, or Late Checkout.

            You can create different packages for different rates or rooms. The packages can be charged per Adult/Child, per Night, per Stay or per Item. 

            When the customer is on the Guest page of the booking they have the option to personalise their stay with the Dynamic Packages set up.

            To set up Dynamic Packages follow the below steps:

            1) Go into the Booking Engine service

            2) Under Rate Management select "Dynamic Packaging" and "Create Package Group"



            3.Under the "General" tab you select the Group Type, (to find out the difference between the groups click HERE)

            By Default the Dynamic Package is "Active". Order Index is the order the room will show on the booking engine. Enter the Short and Long name and the description, the description will also be on the Guest page of a booking, so include all relevant information about the Dynamic Package in the description.

            In the "Extra" tab you can add Tick the Options that are applicable Display text area for additional user feedback, Expand this group by default, Disallow this group from being collapsed

            Display text area for additional user feedback

            Expand this group by default,

            Disallow this group from being collapsed

            Under the "Advanced" tab you can specify dates that this package is active for, or you can apply a date range where checkin is only available. 

            Leave blank for no restrictions

            Leadin, you can add a min amount of days in advance of checkin you must book. Also you can enter Max amount of days in advance of checkin you can book. (if applicable)

            Notification is where you can add an email address so that email address is notified when that specific dynamic package is booked.

            Under the "Filter" tab you can opt "In" or "Out" of specific rates or room types 

            By default the dynamic package is available on all rates and rooms

            Under the "Images"tab you can add an image to the upsell. If the image you want to load isn't on the Mediacenter you can find out how to upload an image HERE

            4.Save Changes 

            Once you have created the package you need to add pricing to it, to add pricing follow the below steps.

            5.Beside the new package you set up click "Customise"

            You will then see the below message to "Click Here" to create a new group


            6. Enter the "Title" and "Description" of the upsell. There is also an option to close out specific days. Enter the price and select the "Price Type" 

            The Price type will depend on what Group Type you choose when setting up the package

            You can add more than one item per group if you wish to add more select "Create New Item"

            When you enter the pricing for the upsell you can also add a Strike Price, enter the higher price in the Strike Price box and the price you want to sell the upsell at in the Price box.

            Once all the items are added "Save Changes" and the upsell will appear on the Booking Engine when the customer selects personalise my stay on the Guest Page. The Strikethrough prices will also be displayed. 

            *If you want the upsells to open by default on all rates/rooms contact and they will be able to make the change for you.*

            Updated: 01 May 2019 02:21 PM
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