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            How do I apply a discount to a rate

            Discount Code functionality allows hotels to create a code that will deduct a set percentage off a number (or all) rates on the booking engine. It is similar to the existing promo code functionality but there are some differences which will be mentioned below

            Go to the Discount Policies section of the CRM Tab

            Create Discount Policy

            Click the Create Discount Policy Button

            Give your policy a name and description

            Next you need to set a rule for the policy. Drag the slider to the value of your discount. You can add multiple rules with different discounts (10%, 20% etc)


            If you wish the policy to apply to all rates, leave the whitelist and blacklist boxes empty,

            To set the rule to apply to specific rates, type the rate code into the Whitelist box (use commas to separate multiple codes)

            To exclude specific rates, type the rate code into the Blacklist box (use commas to separate multiple codes)


            Click Save. Your Policy should now be visible in the Discount Policy list.


            Go to the Manage Promotions section of the CRM Tab


            Creating a Promo Code

            Click the Create Promo Code Button.


            Set the Promo Code you wish to use


            IMPORTANT – Do not assign any rates to this code like you do to a normal promo code

            Click save. Your Promo code should now be visible in the list

            Assigning your Discount Policy to the Promo code


            Click the Select Button with the magic wand


            Select the discount policy you wish to use


            Then click on the none button for the promocode you wish to use


            Your Policy is now mapped to the code

            Using the Code to access the discount

            There are two ways to use the code. The first is in the standard promo code search box in a quickbook or on the index page of the booking engine like you would a normal promo code


            If you entered it at this point you will see a discount symbol beside all relevant rates (the discount price will be shown)


            If you didn’t enter it at the start of the booking process, you can do on the Guests Page


            If you have already entered a code, the box will be replaced with the following text:


            All discounts will be included in the Booking Summary


            If you wish to set a date restriction on the Discount Code - click here

            Updated: 05 Jun 2019 03:17 PM
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