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            How do I add an image to a rate?

            Before adding an image to a rate you must decide if you are adding a new image of your own or one of the Avvio stock images. 

            If you are adding your own image then please make sure that the image is in the Mediacenter. 

            For more information on adding an image to the Mediacenter click here

            To add an image to a rate follow these steps:

            1. Go into the Booking Engine

            2. Under Rate Management click Browse Rates and click [edit] on the rate you want to add an image to 


            3. Go to the Images tab

            4. Select the folder that your image is stored in (this will be the folder you upoaded it to in the Mediacenter if you added the image yourself)

            5. Click the checkbox beside the image(s) you want to add and click the "add selected" button

            You image(s) will now have moved from the folder to the "Images Selected" section on the right. 

            6. Save Changes. 

            You will now see that the image is added to the rate in the Browse Rates section.

            It may take up to 30 mins for the image to appear on the front end. 

            Updated: 18 Apr 2019 03:04 PM
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