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Why is my room image not updating?

If you have added an image to your room and it is not showing either on the backend or front-end check the following:

1. Have you allowed up to 30 minutes since adding the room. 

When you add an image to a room it can take up to 30 mins for this to be reflected on the front-end. 

2. Have you added the image(s) in all required sizes?

All images should be uploaded in the Mediacenter in three (pixel) sizes; 120 x 90, 400 x 300 and 800 x 600. 
If you have not uploaded the image in all of the required sizes the image may not show on the front-end. 
For more information on uploading an image to the Mediacenter click here

3. Have you cleared your cache?

You may need to clear the cache on your PC. To do this hit Ctrl and F5 together. 

If your image is still not showing please email who will investigate further

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