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What is the Star symbol for?

The star symbol beside rates on the booking engine is for making rates "Preferred Rates". 

To learn more about setting up preferred rates click here

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    • How do I make my rate a preferred rate?

      1. Go into the Booking Engine Service 2. Under Rate Management click Browse Rates.  3. Find the rate you want to make preferred and click on the "star" icon to the left of the rate.  Once a rate is marked as preferred the star will show as yellow so ...
    • What does the star mean in the inventory manager?

      Sometimes when you are on the Manage Daily Inventory screen, you might notice the following symbol to the left of the date.  This means that there are one or more restrictions applied on those dates the star is beside.  If they are House Restrictions ...
    • What is the Thumbs up symbol?

      The Thumbs up symbol that you see on the rates shows the "Sales Message" entered on the rate description when the guest hovers over it. The Thumbs Up symbol will only appear when text has been entered into Sales Message box for your rate in the rate ...
    • What does the yellow triangle / warning symbol do or mean in the Inventory Manager screen?

      Sometimes in the Daily Inventory Manager screen, you might see a yellow triangle to the left of the individual rates. This means that you have 0 inventory available for the room(s) beside the symbol on the date you are viewing. 
    • How do I add a rate to a rate group?

      If you want to add a rate to a rate group  you will need to follow the below steps. 1. Go into the Booking Engine Service  2. Under Rate Management click "Rate Groups " 3. Click "Edit " beside the Rate Group you wish to add a new rate to. 4. Under ...