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What does the star mean in the inventory manager?

Sometimes when you are on the Manage Daily Inventory screen, you might notice the following symbol to the left of the date. 

This means that there are one or more restrictions applied on those dates the star is beside. 

If they are House Restrictions you will see the restrictions under the "Restrictions" heading beside the Day. If there are more than House Restrictions applied you can quickly check by clicking on the magnifying glass:

This will bring up the Inventory Preview where you can see all restrictions applied. 

To learn more about Restrictions click here

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      Sometimes in the Daily Inventory Manager screen, you might see a yellow triangle to the left of the individual rates. This means that you have 0 inventory available for the room(s) beside the symbol on the date you are viewing. 
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      On Avvio, you can set Inventory and pricing for 18 months in advance. However, some PMS / Channel Manager integrations may some limitations where they can only send 12 months in advance to Avvio. To find out how to set up Inventory click HERE