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Voucher Discounts

To encourage higher uptake on voucher sales, it is now possible to discount voucher cost to the customer while allowing them to receive the full value of the voucher purchased. This works for both fixed and variable value vouchers.

Voucher discounts work differently from strikethrough pricing (although they are somewhat related from a sales incentive perspective). 

To add a voucher discount, enter the discount value to the ‘Advanced’ tab of the voucher editor.

Discount formats can be specified as a fixed monetary amount or a percentage, both with optionally up to 2 decimal places, e.g.

  • 10 will give a 10 EUR/USD/GBP fixed amount discount off the value of the voucher. 

  • 5.50% will give a 5.5% discount off the value of the voucher

Hints are displayed as an icon where there are discounts available on fixed or flexible value vouchers. Where the value is flexible, it is displayed as a ‘You pay’ hint above the monetary value selector.

For vouchers with strikethrough pricing and a discount, the greater of the strikethrough value and the pre-discount value is displayed.

Where strikethrough pricing is enabled, the greater of the strikethrough and pre-discount price is used as a strikethrough on the personalisation page. However, where both are used, only the pre-discounted actual voucher price is used in the bill summary. To avoid any customer confusion, it may be better to only use discounted prices.

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