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Save Your Search / Basket Abandonment Emails

The Save Search tool allows bookers to email their search to themselves from within the booking engine so they can come back later and pick up where they left off. The goal is to encourage the booker to complete the reservation later rather than abandoning it entirely. 

This feature is enabled by default on the Customize Screen but it can also be built into the content of the Abandonment Tool. The email the booker receives depends on what stage of the booking process they are at when they enter their email address. 

Adding Save your Search to the Abandonment Message

You can use the existing Abandonment Tool to fold in distinct messaging towards saving the current search/cart on choose/customize screens. This will add an input field for the booker’s email address into the popup.

To add the input field include the token @BASKET@ into the message’s content box. Alternatively, you can use @BASKETEMAIL@ and @BASKETSEND@ to split up the input field and the button. 

Abandonment Message on Choose Screen

On the Choose screen, we can preserve Check-in Date, LOS and Occupancy. Here’s a sample message on this page

The email at this stage will look like this:

NOTE: At this point, only a search has been performed, no room or rate data will be sent. The price included will be based on the lowest available rate for the search criteria. 

Abandonment Message on Customize Screen

On the Customize screen, we can preserve the incoming data from Choose screen and the existing cart including the selected rooms and rates.

The email for this stage will look like this:

NOTE: Room and Rate selected are outlined and the price included will be based on that configuration.  
Inline on Customize Page
In addition to the form in the Abandonment message, we have added a form below the fold on the Customize page. This acts as a secondary touchpoint to request opt-in. 

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