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Insights Container Report Overview

This feature in Insights allows you to show a condensed overview of data for a container over a 6 month period, along with a year-to-date accumulation. Two versions of the overview can be selected from the ‘reports’ option in the Browse Site Folders menu in Insights.

Note: You can find this report within Insights by selecting Manage Folders - Browse Site Folders.
Open up the reports tab and select the report from the picklist:

Basic Container Overview

The basic overview shows a table containing a variety of metrics, along with previous-year comparisons. This data is identical to that shown in the Insights dashboard, meaning it is synchronized every 24 hours.

There are three datasets to choose from: 

  • data based on date of reservation for the last 6 months

  • data based on date of stay for the last 6 months

  • data based on date of stay for the next 6 months

Each value is presented with its previous-year equivalent, along with the percentage increase/decrease and delta.

By clicking on the ‘toggle accumulated values’ button, users can view accumulated values for each metric. If multiple currencies are present in the container, revenue metrics (room revenue, total revenue, revenue per room night etc.) will be accumulated separately. The ‘show metric selector’ button reveals a selector which allows users to choose which metrics to be shown in the table for the current dataset.

Clicking on the blue chart button in a row opens the Insights dashboard for that site in a new tab. The data can also be exported to a CSV file using the button on the top-right corner of the page.

The container report overview will only display for containers with 30 or less sites mapped.

Advanced Container Overview

To view a more detailed breakdown of your container, we have also created an advanced version of the container overview, using live, up-to-date data from each hotel. 

There are three dimensions to choose from when breaking down your container’s data:

  • Country - the IP address location used to complete the booking

  • Device Type - the type of device used to complete the booking (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Unknown)

  • Channel - the channel that the booking was placed on (My Website etc.)

Checkin data shows the next six months by default, while reservation data shows the last six months; the number of months can be configured from the toolbar. Year-on-year comparisons for checkin data in the current month will always compare with data up to the current day in the previous year (eg. if the current day is 5th May 2020, data will be shown for 1st-5th May for both 2020 and 2019).

A chart can also be generated for either accumulated data or for a site; click on one of the two chart buttons on the rightmost column to view the chart. Two types of charts are available: column charts and line charts.

Advanced Container Report - No Dimensions

The current version of the Advanced Container Report allows you to run a report for a container and to specify certain metrics / dimensions. There is also an option to run this report and to exclude the metrics / dimensions.

Advanced Options

An Advanced Options section has been added, if you select the show advanced options button (highlighted below), this will expand an option area that now contains an Advanced Options section at the top.

From here you can select whether you would like to include the selected dimensions in the resulting report, along with the option to include cancellations figures.

The Include Dimensions option is pre-selected as this is the default behaviour and the Include Cancellations option is disabled by default.


The resulting report will display the values with one line per hotel in the container, there will be no additional rows showing the breakdown of those site values per metric or dimension selected as those are excluded from the report when the Include Dimensions option is disabled.

Unsupported Functionality

When the report is generated including dimensions, you will have an option to toggle accumulated values and also an additional column on the right-hand side to show a column and line chart for the values in the report. Neither of these options will be available when running the report without dimensions.

With dimensions and accumulated toggle/chart options

Without dimensions and accumulated toggle/chart options

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