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How do I upload an image ?

For Room Images, Voucher Images and Rate/Special Offer Images, four versions of the same image are needed.
    • 1600 x 1200 pixels
    • 800 x 600 pixels
    • 400 x 300 pixels
    • 120 x 90 pixels
**Images must have a file size limit of 512kb.

You need to upload images at 1600×1200 or larger and the mediacenter will then resize the image to the smaller sizes listed via the crop function outlined below.
It is not possible to resize up to a larger size.

Mediacenter Home screen

The home screen of the mediacenter application allows you to:
(1) Quickly Search for an existing image/gallery (folder)
(2) Edit an existing gallery 
(3) Upload an image to a specific existing gallery 
(4) Edit an existing image
(5) Use the prominent links on the right hand side of the screen to quickly upload new images to specific categories
(6) Create a new folder

If you want to move images from one gallery to another, you can drag the image from its current gallery to any gallery which you have access to. This is useful if there are common images that you share with other hotels (for group properties), or if you just want to reorganise your mediacenter.

Image Uploads


Select the category you wish to upload the image to from the right hand side of the screen or +add an image directly to an existing gallery as outlined above. From the right hand side of the screen you can also create a new folder for this image if required 

After selecting the category you will see the following screen.

1. Drag & Drop/Upload Images - You can drag images from your computer to the designated area in the upload screen or you can click on the designated area and browse images which are saved within your computer files. If you have image content copied to your clipboard, you can paste directly from the clipboard to the upload screen using CTRL+V.

2. Image Information -  Provide the basic information required on the left-hand side of the upload screen. (image name, alt tag and keywords). 

3. Store In -  You can choose which folder from the Mediacenter that you would like the image to be stored in.

4. Tag & Search - The category will already be preselected for you, (i.e. Rate Image = Offer Category). You can select other categories at this point should you wish to use the image is other Booking Engine locations in the future. We recommend you select Room, Offer and Voucher when uploading and/or creating new galleries/folders.

5. Image - You can upload one image at at time and only the most recent image will be displayed. An image uploaded in one of the recommended sizes will be automatically scaled down to all relevant images sizes. If an image is uploaded that is not in one of the recommended sizes, a crop option will appear to allow the image to be resized. After an image is cropped, it is automatically scaled to all relevant image sizes and the original image is removed. 

Crop Option

Once you are happy with the image you have selected you can Save Changes

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