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How do I setup a hidden rate?

A hidden rate requires deep linking to the rate and only visits with that link will be able to book the rate. This type of rate can be used if the hotel/property want to promote exclusive rates to past guests or newsletter subscribers.

To set up a Hidden Rate, please follow the below instructions : 

1. Login to Avvio and go to the Booking Engine Service

2. Under Rate Management click Browse Rates. Create Rate

3. The "General" Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

4. Advanced Tab

4.1. Avvio Rate Code - All rates set up on Avvio must have a valid Rate Code, you can only have one rate per rate code.

4.2. Email - Optionally add an email address here and this address will get notifications of all bookings for this rate. However, if you want the default notification email address to be used, you can leave this box blank.

4.3. Access - If you want the rate to be protected (i.e. only accessed via a promo code or username/password entry) , then you would tick this box.

4.4. Distribution Website Modules - This is where you select which modules the rate will be available on. For a hidden rate we UNTICK all boxes so the rate isn't available on any of the below result pages.


                        Public Availability (MDA) Page- The rate will be visible to on the Search Results page on the Booking Engine.

                        Mobile - Tick this to make the rate available on mobile devices

                        Streaming Offers - Tick this to make the rate will on the Streaming Offers pages of Avvio CMS sites (if applicable to you)

                        Mobile Only - Tick this box to make the rate ONLY appear on Mobile Devices

4.5. Rate groups - You can add your rate to a rate group, but if you are creating a Hidden Rate you generally wouldn't add it to a public rate group visible to all visitors. However, you could add it to a Hidden Rate Group instead. To find out how to set up a Hidden Rate Group click HERE .


4.6. Strikethrough Pricing - If you want Strikethrough Pricing to be shown on your rate you can either set it up to pull from a Strikethrough Policy or to pull from another rate set up on Avvio. The Strikethrough will only show if the Policy or Strikethrough Rate are more expensive than the rate being set up and the rate you are comparing it against has the same price type.


4.7. Meals - If this box is ticked then the below message will appear on the rate.

5.  The Restrictions Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

6. The Rooms Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

7. The Finance Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

8. The Channels Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

9. The Upsells Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

10. The Tags Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

11. The Images Tab can be set up by following the instructions HERE

Once you have entered all the relevant information in all tabs you can Save Changes.


If your rate is managed by an external interface, pricing will need to be set up through that system. If the rate is managed in Avvio you will need to follow the below steps.

Once the rate is saved you will need to add a period to the new rate 

Select "Periods" at the 

Click "Add Rate Period" and enter the rate periods for the rate.

To add Pricing to rate 

Once you have the periods added for the rate you need to add pricing next.

The pricing is entered depending on your Macro Type, either every day of the week or by Rate Band, If you leave a day blank the rate/room will not be available to be booked on that day of the week until pricing has been entered for it. You can enter pricing Per Room or Per Adult

Once the pricing has been entered Save Changes.

As this rate is hidden, it will not appear on the Booking Engine or any results pages for your Hotel/Property. for guests to access this rate they will need the link. 

To get the link for the hidden rate you will need to click the green "WEB" link

4. Copy the URL from the newly opened web page.

Please note: Only copy up to the ".html". Do not include the "allow=........." as in the following example.

Use this URL in any promotion where you are promoting the rate.  

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