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How do I set up Room Upgrades?

To set a Room Upgrade on one room follow the below steps.

Go to the Booking Engine Service 

Select "List Rooms" 

Then edit on the room you wish to add the upgrade to.

Then go to the Advanced Tab of the room and add the rooms into the "Room Upgrades"

Once you have added rooms here "SAVE CHANGES"

The system will offer these room types as upgrades and price dynamically from inventory from on the night chooses by the guest to upgrade

Show Room Upgrades in Guest Journey.

The system looks at the list of suitable rooms to upgrade as configured in the currently chosen room’s settings.

From this suitable rooms list, where there is both availability and a higher price, upgrade options are printed on the Customize page in a panel under room information. See below.

The panel’s display can be toggled by guests, also.

The Room upgrades panel displays the upgrades based on selected occupancy; and also returns an updated display based on an in-session occupancy change; per room. 

Both price and room return are always based on the occupancy selected.

Please see below the result set change as occupancy changes

Example 1

Four rooms are available that are eligible upgrades and support the occupancy of 2 adults

Example 2
With occupancy of 2 adults and 1 child, rooms that don't support child occupancy are removed from the selection

Speak to your ECM if you would like this feature enabled for your property

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