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How do I run a report on my Upsells?

Insights includes full reporting on your Dynamic Packages (Upsells).

To run an upsells report, add the Upsells widget to the report in the ‘Build a Report’ screen on Insights.

Choose to report by reservation date or check-in/check-out date.

Run multi-dimensional reports by upsell, country, booking day of week, lead-in, rate type, room type, and many more.

Add further reports by using the ‘Add more’ button.  By default, cancellations are excluded from upsell reporting. To include canceled bookings, tick the ‘Include cancellations’ box.

Total columns are displayed for number of upsells, upsell revenue, average upsell value, average LOS, average adult occupancy, and average leadin. All figures are displayed per dimension in a multi-dimensional report.

Year-on-year comparisons are also available.

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