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How do I create a New Voucher

How to create a new voucher

Creating a voucher

Step 1 - Click on Vouchers Service

Step 2 -Under Vouchers expand Voucher List

Step 3 - General Tab

  • General - Voucher Code  - Use code relevant to voucher

  • Order Index- use lowest number if you want to place the voucher higher up the page

  • Status - Active /Suspended/Removed

  • Title - Title of voucher

  • Description- Good description of voucher and what it includes.

  • Terms and conditions - Use relevant Terms and conditions, this information will display on the PDF of the voucher

  • Incentive Messages - You can add up to 3 incentive messages on each voucher(these will display on the voucher the same as they display on rooms and rates on the booking engine)

Step 3 - Advanced Tab

Voucher Code  - Auto populated

Voucher Value - Options are Fixed ( one price) or Flexible ( Mim value and Max Value including Value Steps)

DiscountDiscount formats can be specified as a fixed monetary amount or a percentage, both with optionally up to 2 decimal places, e.g.10 will give a 10 EUR/USD/GBP fixed amount discount off the value of the voucher. 5.50% will give a 5.5% discount off the value of the voucher

Delivery Option- Default - Will pull from set up under Edit Site Profile

Custom- You can custom each voucher to have specific Delivery options

Step 4  - Restrictions

Dedication - Specify what options are available to users to personalise their vouchers

Sell Restrictions - You can specify Sell Limits and Total Quantity

Sell Dates - Optionally Indicate whether you want to limit this voucher to appear in the specified date range

Step 5 - Customise

System will use Site Default which would have been set up under Edit Site Profile

Step 6 - Images

Select an appropriate image for the voucher from the drop down

Step 7 - Save Changes

Step 8 - Preview the PDF by clicking on Preview beside edit

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