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How do I create a new room ?

To add a new room to your hotel/property on Avvio follow the below steps:

1. Go into the Booking Engine Service

2. Under Room Setup click "List Rooms"

3. Under the "General" tab you then fill in the information of the "Room Code" this is the code that will be shown on Reports."Short Name, Long Name".

There are space restrictions in certain views on our system, where we show the Short Room Name in limited spaces and the Long Room Name when there is more space available. To find out the difference between the Short and Long name click HERE

"Room Description" The room description will display when the guest clicks on the room image and selects Room Information.It will also be on the Guest page of a booking, so include all relevant information about the room in the description.

"Room Incentives" A maximum of 5 custom incentives can be added to a room. To find out more about Room Incentives click HERE

In the "Occupancy" tab you fill in the Min & Max Adults and Max Occupancy. Min. Adults can't be 0. An occupant represents anyone requiring a full-size bed. It is important to get these settings right from the start. Later changes might result into having to reload rates. If occupancy settings change after initial setup of the room type, the rates for this room will be disabled until each individual rate period is reviewed. This is to assure prices are correct and consistent.

For non-linear prices, optionally indicate the number of adults to base the price by default for this room on. 

Also, please indicate which child price bands apply for this room (if applicable - if no children permitted in room, leave unticked)

If child pricing is not enabled on your property and you wish to have it enabled email requesting the change.

In the "Advanced" Tab you can specify if the room is Active or Removed a new room will always show as "Active" by default. Order Index is the order the room will show on the booking engine.

Optionally enter a YouTube video ID if you have a room video hosted there

Also you may specify a list of suitable room upgrades for this room type. Room Upgrades can be purchased when a guest wishes to modify their booking online.

In the "Facilities" tab you can select all the facilities that are available in the room. 

These appear on the booking engine when the customer clicks on the room type and selects "Room Information"  You can also add Custom Facilities to your room types.

In the "Images" tab you can add up to 4 images to display per room. If you want to use an image of the room you will need to upload them to the Mediacenter before you can add them here or you can use the generic images loaded on your property. This will be the image that displays on the Booking Engine when a customer is making a booking.

Save Changes

When you have created the room you will need to add Inventory for the room, add the room to a rate and add pricing.

To find out how to add inventory click HERE

To find out how to add a room to a rate click HERE

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