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Getting started with Avvio

Objective:  We have created a range of online resources broken down into simple, bite-sized training modules accessible wherever and whenever you need. Start with the introductory video below and then work through steps 1-5.

  1. We recommend starting with our Introduction video below
  2. We look forward to taking this journey with you and helping you and your team become Avvio Certified.

1. Start by editing your site profile 

The essentials for getting started with your booking engine; setting T&Cs, default views and custom messaging:
  1. Edit site profile videos -
  2. Link to ‘Booking Engine Configuration’ Course page -

2. Add your photos to the media centre

For Room Images, Vouchers Images and Rate/Special Offer Images.
  1. How do I upload an image:

3. Set up your cancellation policies

Cancellation policies also allow you to set multiple cutoff times or implement penalties for late cancellations.
  1. How to set up a cancellation policy.

4. Set up your rooms

Set up and customise the room categories on your Avvio Booking Engine.
  1. Go to rooms set-up course -

5. Set up your rates

Set up and customise Rates on your Avvio Booking Engine.
  1. Rate editor overview -
  2. Link to ‘Rate Setup Essentials’ page on Courses -

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