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Cancellation Reasons

From now on, during booking cancellation process every customer is able to choose from a drop-down reasons for cancellation.

When a customer provides a reference number and email address during the cancellation process a dropdown for Reasons for cancelling with following options will be visible:

  • Change of dates or destination

  • Personal reasons / trip was cancelled

  • Change in the number or needs of travellers

  • Made other bookings for the same dates, want to cancel the ones I don't need

  • I found an alternative accommodation option

When a customer chooses “I found an alternative accommodation option” another dropdown with following options will be visible:

  • I found another hotel with a better location

  • I found another hotel with a cheaper price

  • I found a cheaper price at the same property

  • I decided to stay with friends / family

  • Other, please specify

When a customer chooses “Other, please specify” free textbox will be visible:

Admin side:

To see cancellation reasons on the Admin side please go to: Booking Engine -> Reservations -> New Cancellations:

Click the process button at the new cancellations list. Cancellation reasons are just under Customer Name

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