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Cancellation Dashboard

A cancellation dashboard is available in Insights to provide a high-level overview of cancellation patterns at your property.

Cancellation Dashboard

Cancellation Trend

The trend in cancellation rate by month for the last 24 months and next 6 months.

Cancellation Profile

A risk assessment of bookings due to check-in over the next 60 days. Booking value vs. risk. All risk values are in the range 0-1 (1 being the highest certainty of the booking being cancelled).

Segment Cancellation Trend

A breakdown for the last 24 months of what guest segments are cancelling in your property (Family, Couple, Solo/Business and Multi-room)

Cancellation Risk

The number of bookings for check-in over the next 30 days that are determined by our learning algorithms to be at risk of cancellations.

High and medium risk bookings are included.
You can click on the chart icon (highlighted below) at the top-right of this panel to go to the Cancellation Watchlist screen. This screen is explained in more detail below.

Booking Leadin

Cancellation pattern based on the lead-in of the original booking. 

Cancellation Leadin

The number of days before arrival that people are cancelling.

Length of Stay

Bookings and Cancellations grouped by length of stay.

Cost of Booking

Gross and Net CPA when considering digital spend and cancelled rooms.

Cancellation Watchlist

Accessed via the cancellation risk panels on the cancellation dashboard, the cancellation watchlist shows a list of bookings that are determined to be at higher risk of cancellation. Bookings due for check-in over the next 60 days are included. This list is refreshed every morning based on pattern analysis and machine learning.

Cancellation Watchlist

Click on any date in the calendar to see individual bookings that are scheduled to stay on those dates. This may be useful in identifying where it may be possible to over-book or pro-actively contact customers that are identified as at risk of cancelling to attempt to secure the booking with a pre-payment.

A CSV export of all bookings in the current view is available by clicking on the CSV icon at the top of the table.

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