Can I run a report on Flash Sales ?

Can I run a report on Flash Sales ?

Flash Sale Reporting

To help hotels better assess the effectiveness of these campaigns, we have now made it possible to track and report on reservations made during flash sale periods.

To do this go to the Insights tab and run a Room Reservations report for the period you grouped by the Flash Sale Code as defined in the CRM application.
Note: a booking is reported under a Flash Sale only if at least one night of discount was given to the user as part of the booking during the period of the sale. Rates or dates on which the discount did not apply are not reported.
Where a multi-night booking takes place, this booking is reported under the Flash Sale if any of the nights of stay were discounted as a result of the Flash Sale. In the event that a logged in user (CRM account holder OR promo code user) qualifies for a larger discount on any date of stay that would otherwise have been discounted by the Flash Sale, this booking will not be reported as part of the sale).
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