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Can I add a Promo Code to a Room type?

Room Sale - Promo Codes

With existing promo codes on Discount Policies, it is only possible to provide discounts on specific rates and it is not possible to include/exclude certain room types.

To allow for room-specific promotions It is possible to have a promo code trigger the discount rules that are configured in a Flash Sale that may be generally unavailable (e.g. permanently suspended).

To set up a Room only Promo Code by following these steps:

1. Create the Flash Sale on the Room/Rooms you are looking to apply the discount against. 
  • When creating the flash sale, if you do not want it to be generally available, but only triggered through the user of a promo code, suspend the flash sale

It will still be available to a user that has supplied the promo code.

     Make sure this Flash Sale is suspended. 

Promo Codes are controlled from the Manage Promotions section of the CRM Module.

To create a new Promo Code, click the Create Promo Code button within the Manage Promotion section

In the General Tab and under Access Information give the promo code a name. This is the code shoppers will require in order to access the protected rate and/or discount within your booking engine.

Under Reporting and Organisation you have the option to add a Reporting and Profile codes. We recommend using the Promo Code name that you just created within these two fields as you can then easily recognize its performance within your Insights reporting.

Under Internal Notes you have the option to add internal only notes if required.

Under Billing/Cost Management you can optionally select if you want to allow unsecured bookings by ticking the checkbox i.e. the guest will not require a credit card to make a booking. 

You can also optionally add additional notes here.

Within the Contact tab you can optionally enter contact information which will be used to pre-fill certain booking fields for any user with this promo code.

The Flash Sale you set up in step 1 is added within the Rates tab

  • In the rates tab of the promo code configuration, select ‘Flash Sale Code’ from the rate mapping selector.

  • Enter the flash sale code as configured in the booking engine.

You are now ready to distribute your Promo Code to unlock this sale!

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